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Welcome to THE BE WEAR LLC home of the positive and inspirational apparel. Spreading light and love through small acts of kindness, connections, and words. Whether created by us or customized by you, we do what is needed to affirm the positive buzz inside and around YOU!

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One of a kind artwork, marketing training and free resources on wellness. And adventures. She really does help put the personality into your marketing focal point.

Lawhorn inK

Lawhorn inK is your home for custom apparel. In their Lab is where you tell them what your idea is and they make it a reality.


“Its just a great place I can go in the mind to get away from all my own negative self thoughts“!

-Kelsie REyann
Photo Credit: Drop Creative
(No fish were harmed during this filming or project!)

“A mix of the PEACE and the ADRENALINE when you are fishing. You get the rush from a roller coaster, but there is not the peace there with it”!

-Jacob Bennink


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