Be About

” The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”
 – Stephen R. Covey.

Over 30+ years of studying art as a professional I can truly say, I am my happiest here in this medium! Pollinating any one positive thought or vibration that enters my space.

This website was created with the hopes to inspire even the smallest spark of light in ANYONE. Perhaps enough to be inspired to be better humans. I will never lose my faith in humanity. This is my attempt to pollinate the world one movement, class, graphic, parcel, AFFIRMATION at a time. With your support and efforts we can make this world a better place to BE!

That all said, in my efforts to change the world around me. I have decided to donate percentage of proceeds to help support and advocate for the survival of bee.


Here are some featured partners that have inspired me with their amazing talents and generosity along the way. THANK YOU FOR YOU SUPPORT!!

I met CBCInked over 15 glorious years ago. We both worked for Ann Arbor Public schools in Michigan in the art department. I remember it like it was yesterday! Her first day coming in and everything. 
I knew right away that she is a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the most positive people with the biggest, kindest, and most loving hearts! 
Check out her custom art and design and perhaps treat yourself to some of her absolutely gorgeous, handmade Artfirmation pieces!